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Marvelous Mondays.

Hello there!

As you can obviously tell, I’ve gotten a bit back into the old blogging ways of mine: go strong for a bit, then fade off, then come back for a solid week, and then completely fade off into blogging doldrums… but never fear!

I have emphasized quite often that I am in my Junior year of high school, and it must be common knowledge that this is the year that counts, as all of our lovely teachers consistently trill. This year is SATs, Regents, looking into colleges, and the first prom {well, that’s an entirely different feeling.} My school goes by blocked scheduling of 80-minute classes, which basically means we compress a full year of classes into two separate installments. I am currently taking Gym, Chemistry, APUSH, Chorus, and French as my main classes. {Somehow I managed to pull off a 90 on my Trigonometry exam, which was a whole different excitement!}

So now, Mondays. What would an ideal Monday be? In my world, it would be something like this:

  • Wake up at 8:30 and have an hour to get ready for school, whilst wearing a comfy sweater and skinny jeans and warm boots while also drinking a lovely hot chocolate and eating a croissant.
  • Have such classes as Creative Writing, Sociology, and, okay, maybe a bit of French.
  • Have a full hour lunch period avec mes amies.
  • Find a way to still have recess so we could have a major-epic snowball fight in the courtyard–as well as snow angels!
  • Go home and get into comfy sweats and read Harry Potter.
  • And read Harry Potter.
  • And work on my own novel.
  • And slip in some dinner.
  • And then shower.
  • And then a lovely bedtime of actual 9:30 happiness.

Note: There is no homework included! As well as tests, quizzes, or any other such nonsense, such as a 6:00 wake up time.

All right, I might sound a bit grumpy. But my eyes are drooping and it’s only 6:20 and I still have a Chemistry packet to fill with my scrawls and a Francais verb packet to complete.

Wow. These fragments and run-ons are terrible. As well as all of these instantaneous topic changes. Perhaps you will become a super-hero, and find some sense of this, and actually want to keep on reading my posts. Somehow, this seems to be one of my longer posts, and it’s absolute, utter nonsense! Oh, bother. I suppose I should just quit and go onto this homework assignment that is heaped at my feet. I believe I also still have to trudge downstairs and practice a bit of piano. 🙂

I bid thee a happy Monday night! Only four days until the weekend… not to mention that there is talk of a storm on Wednesday by my uncharted location.

Type to you on the flipside!

{Wow, that was extremely, awfully dorky. I’m sorry that you have the guts to put up with me. Kudos to you. If you’ve read this far, you really are my… you are not able to be described with words. You’re just that awesome.}



Well, Now…

So that post that I made the other day?

The one that’s directly below this post?

Heh. Funny story.

First lie: I am extremely nervous for my Trig exam. I am deathly afraid that I will get a very low mark (I am mostly confident that I won’t FAIL. Hey, I’d take a 77 any day in math! Good literary people are notoriously know to stink at math!), but I think I’ll be able to pull through the course nicely. The good part about Regents week is that I get to get the entire week off! 😀

Second lie: I have to say that I should be a bit more optimistic. I waver between being a glass-half-empty/glass-half-full girl all of the time, but I’m horribly pessimistic about anything that involves my interests and goals. Well. Without further ado, I will gratefully post: I got accepted into the summer writing workshop! Truthfully, it’s a long distance from home. My parents actually seem to be quite nervous for me already, but I am beyond elated.

By looking at previous pictures, I see many exciting things take place there. I see really friendly writers/photographers/thespians/expressive people. I see that there are numerous vintage shops nearby, as well as numerous theaters, museums, and other artsy stuff. This summer will be Pure. Bliss.

I guess I’d best get back to cramming for the Trig exam. I don’t know if any of you are acquainted with the lovely teaching program that the teachers deem as “Castle Learning,” but I have the privilege of answering fifty of those extremely fun problems by midnight. I bid you a hearty adieu. And if you also have Regents exams this week, or any form of midterms, bonne chance! 🙂


The funny thing is, I’m not entirely nervous for my Trigonometry exam this Tuesday. The panic will set in the day of. Honestly, I should be tearing my hair out and putting my nose into the textbook in order to try to drag mathematical information off of the page and deep into my brain. Mathematics has always been my downfall, and this test will not be easy for me. However, I am much worried about a trivial event.

I decided to put myself out there and applied to a summer writing workshop at a certain college. The college is somewhat far away from my home. I am so anxious that I cannot even stand it. I have been waiting and waiting to hear for feedback!

I am not at all such a writer as that I would think I would automatically get accepted into the program. I usually underrate myself, and tearfully backspaced as I deleted my application writing and started anew. I tried to capture some of my true, deepest emotions as I wrote to the college.

I am so nervous that my hands are trembling as I type on this dreadfully cold Saturday night. I fret that the college will laugh at my writing and believe it to be immature, or, even worse, that it was not personable enough. And if that happens, what does it say about me? I poured my true heart into the application and shared one of my deepest secret feelings.

This summer could be  the acme of all of my summers. Being in this program could really cultivate my writing, and help me become a better writer. I am putting my whole soul into getting into this program.

I only hope that they’ll find me worthy.

If they do not, I will not lie. I will be severely upset with myself. I will most likely break down and feel like I am a failure, as most writers seem to do at some point in my life. But then I’ll have to move on, as all writers do. I might write about a similar experience. {Then again, writing about going to the program would be even more blissful!}

So, dear college, I am praying that you will find me worthy of your seemingly priceless program. Please take me into consideration. Even though the college will most likely never see this post, I am writing this as a hope that my wish will be granted.

This is one of the moments I hope to have lived well enough for.

Thank you for reading this, and enjoy your weekend. 🙂

Procrastination Station.

Have you ever reached a moment in your life where you… well. Just don’t feel like doing anything?

Right now I’m experiencing this. At the worst possible time ever. What amazes me is how teachers can assign 8 different project deadlines on the same day. Say what? Not to mention… four of them were given today. Erm.

All right. I admit that I had been putting off the other four, but… really?! Isn’t there any way for there to be better scheduling? I mean, it is my fault that I have been enticed by such lovely things as and the temptation of facebook.

Heck, it’s obvious that I shouldn’t be even typing this blog post right now! But I am going to persevere. I am going to ignore my laptop and dig into the wonderous assignments from the land of Junior year. I am going to tackle that Animoto-test corrections-worksheet-essay 1-essay 2-book report-vocabulary-Castle Learning and smile. 🙂

Why do I have to worry?

Stress is just another part of the challenge.


Martin Luther King is one of the most inspiring, active people ever for civil rights, in my opinion. I have high respect for all of MLK’s goals and dreams, and am thankful that many of the envisioned have come to become reality today.

I just wanted to add this in as a miniature filler-post, and let you know that tomorrow is MLK’s birthday. He would be eighty two years old. 😀

I have many more post ideas in mind, which will be posted soon. Exams are quite a stressful hindrance Junior year. Type to you soon!

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.

Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.”


Yes, I am a total geek.

Narnia and Harry Potter are two of the main obsessions that make up my life. I guess you could say I’m a sucker for fairytales and the ever-popular battle of good vs. evil. I also have quite an obsession with a book series called Once Upon a Time, which takes all of the classic fairytales and twists them around into remakes, which is a very lovely thing.

So, back to the topic. Narnia. I love everything about it; the books, the plot, the movies, the music, the characters. C.S. Lewis should probably be mentioned as one of my most inspirational people. I have heard that C.S. Lewis was highly religious and inserted many of his beliefs about Christianity throughout his works, but all I can say is that I love how he threaded the stories of the Pevensie children in Narnia.

My favorite characters would have to be among Mr. Tumnus, Aslan {obviously}, Reepicheep, and, my absolute favorite heroine, Lucy. Lucy Pevensie is my favorite heroine ever found in fantasy. Just the essence of her innocence and her quest to find herself and end hatefulness makes me admire her bravery.

Pointedly from this post, I just completed an English project I had to do on a book I read by John Connolly, called The Book of Lost Things. It was a lovely book, similar to Narnia and Peter Pan wrapped together into one story. I needed to find the perfect background music to capture the atmosphere of the book, and, needless to say, I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out what soundtrack I used.

Edit: I deleted the link to my video from this post, because I was stupid enough to include some traceable information within it. Ha, I’m very cool, indeed. So I’m sorry that this post basically does not have a point anymore, rather than to say just how Harry Potter and Narnia obsessed I am. 😀


Dana is one of my favorite YouTubers. A lot of her worldviews correlate with mine. A few general things that any of her followers can learn is that Dana loves to read, wants to write, and maintains being a child anytime that she can.

I love this video, because it’s so true when you really think about it.

One thing that I can remember from my own childhood is that I used to have this little bear. In all reality, he was my best friend. I wasn’t really imaginative with his name {Baby}, but I didn’t have an imaginary friend, so he took the place of my number one companion. Baby went everywhere with me. I am also convinced that although he didn’t speak to me, I actually somewhat learned a few things from him. I learned that it is possible for someone to be around almost all of the time to comfort you. I learned that there can be someone that can be your true friend, that will listen to what you have to say.

And I also learned for the first time that I could deal with loss. When I was in the first grade, right before 9/11/2001, my family went to Disney World. My dad begged me not to take Baby. Baby was a tiny stuffed animal, and my dad had the common sense to know that something bad would happen. But I ignored him.  Baby went everywhere with me, and I wasn’t going to leave him alone this time. He deserved a vacation, too!

Needless to say, one rushed morning in Florida, I forgot to take him out of my bed. To our best knowledge, the cleaning lady swept Baby up with the sheets and dumped him into a huge washing machine, where he met his demise.

I cried endlessly for about three weeks. I had a hard time sleeping, and I felt so alone. Disney sent me a Mickey Mouse as an apology, but he still didn’t make up for Baby. Then, I got over it a bit better, and then 9/11 struck. Of course, I didn’t really understand what happened until I was older, but I felt my parents experiencing the sadness I experienced when I lost Baby.

Then, later that year, I lost both of my Grandpas. I think it was so important that I experienced my sadness with Baby, because he trained me to accept loss better when I had later experiences.

When I was about ten, my mom told me that she had seen stuffed animals just like Baby on display, but she didn’t buy one. I was furious, because I was so close to having Baby back! We went back to the store, but the animals were sold out. It was like I lost Baby all over again.

But then I realized that although the animal would’ve looked the same as Baby, it didn’t have the same significance as him. Baby had experienced many things the imposter hadn’t, and it would never be the same.

Therefore, as a final farewell, I thank Baby for being such a great friend.