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The Friday “Things”

I have hesitated from posting this past week on the terms of re-figuring my exact purpose for this blog. I’ve always toyed with the idea of having a day or even a week set out with a schedule of pre-planned themes. Gratefully, with less homework toward the close of the school year and the free time to plan it out, I have decided on a few constants I hope to maintain.

Every Friday {I hope; everything must be tentative with my hectic life; then again, I’ve just recently discovered the wonderful “pre-write a post for a later date” publishing option,} I plan on writing a “Things Every ______ Ought to Know” list. This can have a variety of topics, and can be in a variety of tones, which I think can make this set series of posts very successful.

Every two weeks, I plan on writing a book review. I’m an avid reader, so I hope that writing book reviews will help me create a log of the styles of writing I admire, and show my blog followers (you) who I really am. Everyone knows that what you read can define you as a person. It’s interesting to see how people can be judged by their own book choices.

So, without further ado (since this blog post is obviously dragging on long enough as it is,) here is the premiere of the Friday “Things” List!

Things Every Reader Ought to Know

  • No matter what, you can’t change the book. The words have been printed and bound, and the characters’ fate have been finalized. The best you can do is accept the author’s decisions and either be happy or disappointed with the results.
  • As stated before, a lot of times people will judge you by what you read. Most likely you will only read books that interest you and appeal to your demeanor, but you always want to avoid an awkward moment with a book that could surprise people (if you know what I mean.)
  • Make it your mission to examine your reading history. Do you have (a) favorite author(s)? Do you have a favorite style of writing? Do you favor a specific tone for the narrator? You might be surprised with the patterns that you find.
  • Keep some sort of log for yourself. Whether it’s writing down titles and quotes of books that made you think or inspired you, or simply typing up book reviews as a record of what you’ve truly enjoyed or despised, it’s good to remember what you have read and learn what you still need to read about.
  • Make sure you have variety. You will get very bored with reading if you always read about the same topic. Mix it up! Try different types of prose; some poetry, an audiobook, a novel, short stories, blog posts. Read about something you don’t really understand, and see if you can learn something. Challenge yourself to read a genre you think you hate. (Perhaps it would be best to have someone recommend you a book they liked of that genre!) To have a healthy reading diet, you must maintain a balance of all literary pieces.

L’Amour de la Nuit

{May I just quickly apologize for the delay of this blog post! Unfortunately, I’ve been experiencing some health problems lately that have been creating havoc with my schedule. Fortunately, I’m hopefully on the rebound now! 🙂 I’m so sorry for the long wait, but I hope you deem it worthy.}

May 6, 2011 was the date of my Junior prom. I do have to say, I’m one of those girls that loves all of the primping and the attentive care of getting dressed up for a dance.

This year’s colors for our prom were red and purple. Luckily, my favorite color is purple, so I seemed to somewhat match the color scheme! The chaos started on Friday at 1:30, when I had my hair done to look like this:

Which ended up quite lovely, in my opinion! Then my aunt came over, who is quite a master at applying make up, and assisted me in the rest of my adventures! I ended up wearing a lilac colored, floor-length gown with lots of layers and rose,  leaves, and sequin detailing.

Although I seem to be very flushed in this picture, here’s me at the venue! We had our prom at a lovely place called Samuel’s Grande Manor. The decor was very Victorian, and it fit marvelously with our Parisian theme. As we came up the staircase, we were given the option of taking pictures in front of an Eiffel Tower backdrop. A string quartet played softly in the background, and the dining room was spacious, yet cozy. Miniature Eiffel Towers marked our place settings, and the  centerpiece consisted of red rose petals and a Betta fish swimming within a little bowl.

The food was quite nice, too; it was a buffet that consisted of four different meat choices, numerous vegetables and salads, homemade soup, bread, and chocolate mousse for dessert. Dancing started around nine at night. The only minor complaint that I could muster is that the dance floor itself was quite small, so my friends and I resorted to dancing off to the side on the carpet. However, it was so nice to have the outside porch to walk out on to cool off!

Overall, my prom was about the loveliest night I’ve yet experienced. One tip that I would like to tell you {Even though it sounds like I’m promoting a product, I’m just supplying some advice}; it is true that prom is a lot about dancing, obviously. I bought a pair of these wonderful little ballet flats by Dr. Scholl’s called Fast Flats, and they are about the best thing that I purchased for prom. While all of the other girls were whining about blisters and sore feet, although my 5’2 height was clearly emphasized, I had a great time dancing around with my friends!

So, there was my little highlight of the prom. “Love in the Night” {In case you can’t translate le francais} turned out to be a great time with my date… and my friends. 🙂

{Here’s my favorite picture from the evening. Not to sound vain, this picture makes me feel like I truly was a princess.}

Fancy, Frivolous Frills.

One of the most memorable nights of my life approaches in three days. That’s right. You guessed it.

My Advanced Placement U.S. History exam.

Oh, did that surprise you? Of course, one might only forget what supposed big day it is when two stressful days are packed into one. This Friday, I have both the three hour and five minute AP U.S. History exam and my Junior year prom.

The course that I took, most commonly known as APUSH by the brave APUSHers that attempt to conquer the challenge, is pretty intense. I was required to read a 24-paged, size 10 font with single spacing chapter in the  textbook each week. There have been six cumulative projects that we have completed, and at least twenty different thematic essays, not to mention some DBQs and endless multiple choice questions.

And all of that hard work will be over in a day. A day to prove just how many facts you shoved into your brain, and just how flowery you can write each essay. All of that stress over a simple course. I may sound pessimistic, but I’m really not such. I’m proud of how much effort I’ve put into the course, and the challenges and goals I’ve set up for myself throughout the due process. I believe it is a bit ridiculous that the prom is the same night, but then again I feel as if it is almost the best way to throw a large celebration for the end of the APUSH quest.

So then it all turns back to prom. Yes, I am a girly-girl. I’m so excited for my nails {appointment on Thursday}, hair {2:00 p.m. on Friday}, makeup {courtesy of my talented aunt}, and of course the dresspurseshoesearringsnecklacecorsagepicturesdancefriendsfoodvenueboyfriendglamour—

and then it’s all over. Those months of waiting, all wrapped up into a blur of events. It’s just amazing to me. It’s a wonderland of the social events sort, and such a great seller. There’s the new Disney movie, television shows, magazines, radio advertisements; the media feeds off of the excitement of prom. And it’s so amazing on the hundreds {even thousands} of dollars people spend on a simple night! It’s so easy to get caught up in the excitement of it all, but at times it’s best to remain sensible.

I hope you will await my post in the near future. Don’t fret; I plan to tell you all about prom night {disregarding the personal events, mind you,} and I have set out some guidelines for what I plan to write already! And for those of you who maybe just can’t wait; of course my dress is my favorite color. It’s lavender. 🙂