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Dorkin’ it Out

Quite honestly, I am beyond elated to start AP Literature next year. I know, right? School hasn’t even been over for two days yet and I’m already thinking about next year. Isn’t that a classic.

Well. Today I received my summer assignment for AP Lit, and it just happens to be Huckleberry Finn. How sweet to start off the course with Mark Twain, a well-known author around our area. The best part is, we will be blogging over the course of the summer on our own blogs. Unfortunately, my blog title contains my full real name, which I do not wish to post on here, but I will be occasionally reposting my AP Lit-related blog posts so you can evaluate them yourself.

This is just a little update on what I’ve been up to, regardless of tidying up my room and desk and listening to a combination of Sarah Bareilles, Owl City, and Mormon & Sons.

I am planning on soon posting a series of posts on fan fiction, which just happens to be an area of my expertise! I figure a little excitement every once in a while can’t hurt anything, right? So look forward to that occurring shortly. I also will not be forgetting the always-promised “things” post. Type to you soon! 🙂


Things About the End of the School Year

This is always a time of the year that brings up mixed feelings. I’m always crossed between being excited and sad. It’s a relief to end all of the stress of the school year, but it’s sad to think about how I only have one year left in the school district. I’ve learned so much on so many levels through my progression in education, and I never feel like I can show my full appreciation. However, I’d love to compile a list of things that people have the option to do with the end of the school year.

  • Tell the teachers who taught you the most how much you really learned for them. Just a few small words of appreciation mean the most to teachers, because they never know how students truly feel about the course without accreditation.
  • Plan something special with your friends for the last day of school. Whether it’s some crazy {yet rule-obeying, of course} prank or writing inside jokes on your arm, it adds to the fun of the bittersweet day. Personally, my friends and I create a theme to dress up to for the day; for example, last year we dressed up as our favorite music artists.
  • Take the time to scope out your favorite haunts. It’s good to take a second to reminisce all that has happened throughout the school year, because some memories are worth maintaining {of course, there’s always the select few that are not worth remembering.}
  • Make sure you save any school papers and projects that are important. This might be because you were really proud of the effort you put into something or the grade you received, or even because you know those papers will help you out in a course next year.
  • Finally, the treat. Make sure you do something to celebrate all of the challenges you overcame and the end of all of the responsibilities of the school year. Whether it’s participating in your favorite pastime or eating a big ice cream sundae, it’s important to recognize your growth as a person.

The “Things”

Consequently, I have failed to maintain my own schedule. Fortunately, I have the right to plead that I just completed my first round of the SAT, so I believe intense studying is a good excuse for missing a post. 😉 Onto the list…

Things Every Girl Should Know

  • I believe it is true when people say there will always be someone for everyone. It’s much better to go out and be yourself than wait around and sulk while waiting for the right guy {or your crush} to come along and sweep you off your feet. One day, you’ll be happy to have someone to spend time with, but when you are moping around being single, you’re missing out on wonderful opportunities!
  • You are held in high respect when you maintain your classiness. Quite honestly, boys often don’t like to hear girls cussing or living the wild life or freely engaging in illegal activities. I believe it’s really ignorant how society regards women who don’t maintain their femininity to be unsuitable, but I do believe one must respect their own body and make good decisions in order to be acknowledged as a “nice” girl by others. The way you dress and present yourself influence public opinion more than you’d think.
  • There’s always going to be another good day in the future. Nothing in this world is worth contemplating ending your own life over. I’ve heard numerous empty threats and many other serious statements, but it’s always held true that those same girls had really good days just a week or so after uttering the harsh words. Friends are always there if you’re feeling down, and there’s always means of escape by writing or music or any other hobby you thoroughly enjoy. Don’t let small or even big things influence your life. The past is gone, and the future holds many exciting endeavors. Learn your passion and be yourself.

Those are three of the most simple things I could come up with, because they’re what I feel strongest about in general when examining the aspects of being a female. I hope that you don’t mind my opinions, and honestly contemplate my reasonings. 🙂