Making the Impossible a Possibility

Cosmic Gleam

She wanders through translucent dreams,
A cosmic gleam laden with silver moonbeams.

It is upon the darkest of nights that
Lucia ties on the glistening lilac mask,
hiding the memorable features of her visage,
basking in the freedom of slipping on
a pale yellow gown;
treads softly down the stone corridor
and embraces the sweet kiss of the nighttime air,
relishing the dew that slips through her silk slippers.
She wanders through translucent dreams.

A dance with the royal that stole away from his confines,
wading in the cool stream,
pirouetting through amethyst meadows,
sipping fresh rain droplets and consuming light;
light that is given through the bliss
of independence, for,
at night,
she is just stardust, not heavy substance.
A cosmic gleam laden with silver moonbeams.

This is a form of autonomous poetry. The writer selects two phrases that will be important for their piece. Then they base the rest of their ideas off of those two phrases, utilizing them within their poem. I really enjoyed working with this type of poetry, because the story ended up building off of its ownself.


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