Making the Impossible a Possibility


About the Blog

Welcome to Fantastical Reality. This blog was started on December 18th, 2010. The purpose of this blog is to make you think a little about your own life, and how you can alter your life to better yourself and others. The blog focuses on a five point plan:

Watch. Read. Write. Change. Do.

Watch videos and people who inspire you to do something great.

Read stories that make you think about possibilities, even if they at first seem impossible.

Write about your own impossibilities, and how you {or your characters} can make them possible.

Finally; do something. Put what you’ve learned to action.

About Me

My name is Sarah, and I am a teenager from the WNY area. My life consists of balancing schoolwork, family, friends, community service, and squeezing in time for hobbies. Some of my favorite activities include reading, writing, playing piano, listening to music, and teaching others what I know.

I am not a superheroine. I am not a lazy teenager {well, sometimes quite a moody one.} I am stuck in a limbo of enjoying the life I have presently, and trying to better the life for the past, as well as the future. I guess that you could call me a misfit, and I’d accept that title graciously. There are many times my mouth speaks before my mind thinks, and also many times when my mind opens and my mouth shuts. My greatest goal is to try to reach out to someone and show them that they can take anything they think is impossible and make it possible.



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