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November {Minus the Brrrrrrr}

Senior year has certainly had its ups and downs.

Over the past couple of months, I have delighted in many of my last high school events. Some of the most notable were finishing my senior year varsity tennis career, being awarded courtship as a princess for Homecoming, and numerous assignments. The best part about senior year as of this date is the decreased amount of homework; junior and senior year are by no means comparable in workload. This has definitely helped with college applications, which I am currently wrapping up. I have decided to apply to Niagara University and Nazareth College.

As of right now, I should be completing two college essays and a ten-minute lesson plan for my GCC course in first year college experience, but I am obviously still a victim of the procrastination bug. The assignment is focused on developing knowledge within our career choice, which for me happens to be English as a second language teaching. However, I have been distracted by the lovely weather we have been having in New York! The temperatures are very far above average, which has made me extremely happy.

Now, let’s not skip over the main point of this blog post. November is National Novel Writing Month, an event that I have participated in for the past three years as of this date. This year, I am focusing on a manuscript involving my own interpretation of Alice in Wonderland, adding a story that occurs many years after Alice’s first adventures in Wonderland. My word count is currently at 15, 700, but needs to reach at least 50, 000 by the end of the month. I find NaNoWriMo to be such an encouraging, refreshing event to take part in. It’s so nice to have a drive to write, a way of helping writers make the time to get their creative juices flowing. It’s only day nine of NaNoWriMo; I highly suggest that if you did not know about NaNoWriMo or were contemplating joining in on the fun, you should give NaNoWriMo a try! It’s entirely worth all of the effort.

As I begin to adjust to my new schedule, I will post more frequent blog posts yet again. πŸ˜€


Life, Liberty, and Equality

Ah, dear.

Where does the time go?

The funny thing is, I really do think I’m busier in the summer than I am during the school year. I know it’s a pretty pathetic observation to admit to, but it’s true.

Every weekday, I have three hours of work at my local recreation center. I am an assistant, in charge of watching over and helping twenty-five children in a clay and arts class. They make numerous crafts to take home, and the sweet thing is that most will proudly proclaim that each specific item is either for their mom or grandma. It always amazes me, too, to see some of the things they manage to create with their own hands. The keen imagination they are so lucky to have is so brilliantly portrayed throughout all of the finished work! It is true, though, that some days are filled with having to work with stubborn little girls or just having to hide your own bad mood, but, overall,Β  it’s about the best job I could ever think of having at this time.

I’ve also been working on my AP Literature summer assignment. I’m hoping to post a few of my reading logs over the next few weeks. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a bit slow-going for me, but I am thoroughly enjoying reading one of the classics, which I tend not to do on a regular basis.

I’m sorry to say that I’ve obviously fallen by the wayside with the promised posts I originally started so very well off on. However, I want to leave you with this short list ofΒ  the series of blog posts that can be expected to come within this lovely summer:

  • Posts on my insight of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
  • A few book reviews on YA Fiction books
  • A major post on writing Fan Fiction
  • A log on my stay at a college in Massachusetts {Three weeks! I’m so excited for my adventure!}
  • And a few other blog posts that will be inserted here and there.

Well, I hope this little post is enough to tide you over for a while. Happy Independence Day! I plan on typing to you soon. πŸ˜€

Dorkin’ it Out

Quite honestly, I am beyond elated to start AP Literature next year. I know, right? School hasn’t even been over for two days yet and I’m already thinking about next year. Isn’t that a classic.

Well. Today I received my summer assignment for AP Lit, and it just happens to be Huckleberry Finn. How sweet to start off the course with Mark Twain, a well-known author around our area. The best part is, we will be blogging over the course of the summer on our own blogs. Unfortunately, my blog title contains my full real name, which I do not wish to post on here, but I will be occasionally reposting my AP Lit-related blog posts so you can evaluate them yourself.

This is just a little update on what I’ve been up to, regardless of tidying up my room and desk and listening to a combination of Sarah Bareilles, Owl City, and Mormon & Sons.

I am planning on soon posting a series of posts on fan fiction, which just happens to be an area of my expertise! I figure a little excitement every once in a while can’t hurt anything, right? So look forward to that occurring shortly. I also will not be forgetting the always-promised “things” post. Type to you soon! πŸ™‚

L’Amour de la Nuit

{May I just quickly apologize for the delay of this blog post! Unfortunately, I’ve been experiencing some health problems lately that have been creating havoc with my schedule. Fortunately, I’m hopefully on the rebound now! πŸ™‚ I’m so sorry for the long wait, but I hope you deem it worthy.}

May 6, 2011 was the date of my Junior prom. I do have to say, I’m one of those girls that loves all of the primping and the attentive care of getting dressed up for a dance.

This year’s colors for our prom were red and purple. Luckily, my favorite color is purple, so I seemed to somewhat match the color scheme! The chaos started on Friday at 1:30, when I had my hair done to look like this:

Which ended up quite lovely, in my opinion! Then my aunt came over, who is quite a master at applying make up, and assisted me in the rest of my adventures! I ended up wearing a lilac colored, floor-length gown with lots of layers and rose,Β  leaves, and sequin detailing.

Although I seem to be very flushed in this picture, here’s me at the venue! We had our prom at a lovely place called Samuel’s Grande Manor. The decor was very Victorian, and it fit marvelously with our Parisian theme. As we came up the staircase, we were given the option of taking pictures in front of an Eiffel Tower backdrop. A string quartet played softly in the background, and the dining room was spacious, yet cozy. Miniature Eiffel Towers marked our place settings, and theΒ  centerpiece consisted of red rose petals and a Betta fish swimming within a little bowl.

The food was quite nice, too; it was a buffet that consisted of four different meat choices, numerous vegetables and salads, homemade soup, bread, and chocolate mousse for dessert. Dancing started around nine at night. The only minor complaint that I could muster is that the dance floor itself was quite small, so my friends and I resorted to dancing off to the side on the carpet. However, it was so nice to have the outside porch to walk out on to cool off!

Overall, my prom was about the loveliest night I’ve yet experienced. One tip that I would like to tell you {Even though it sounds like I’m promoting a product, I’m just supplying some advice}; it is true that prom is a lot about dancing, obviously. I bought a pair of these wonderful little ballet flats by Dr. Scholl’s called Fast Flats, and they are about the best thing that I purchased for prom. While all of the other girls were whining about blisters and sore feet, although my 5’2 height was clearly emphasized, I had a great time dancing around with my friends!

So, there was my little highlight of the prom. “Love in the Night” {In case you can’t translate le francais} turned out to be a great time with my date… and my friends. πŸ™‚

{Here’s my favorite picture from the evening. Not to sound vain, this picture makes me feel like I truly was a princess.}

Fancy, Frivolous Frills.

One of the most memorable nights of my life approaches in three days. That’s right. You guessed it.

My Advanced Placement U.S. History exam.

Oh, did that surprise you? Of course, one might only forget what supposed big day it is when two stressful days are packed into one. This Friday, I have both the three hour and five minute AP U.S. History exam and my Junior year prom.

The course that I took, most commonly known as APUSH by the brave APUSHers that attempt to conquer the challenge, is pretty intense. I was required to read a 24-paged, size 10 font with single spacing chapter in theΒ  textbook each week. There have been six cumulative projects that we have completed, and at least twenty different thematic essays, not to mention some DBQs and endless multiple choice questions.

And all of that hard work will be over in a day. A day to prove just how many facts you shoved into your brain, and just how flowery you can write each essay. All of that stress over a simple course. I may sound pessimistic, but I’m really not such. I’m proud of how much effort I’ve put into the course, and the challenges and goals I’ve set up for myself throughout the due process. I believe it is a bit ridiculous that the prom is the same night, but then again I feel as if it is almost the best way to throw a large celebration for the end of the APUSH quest.

So then it all turns back to prom. Yes, I am a girly-girl. I’m so excited for my nails {appointment on Thursday}, hair {2:00 p.m. on Friday}, makeup {courtesy of my talented aunt}, and of course the dresspurseshoesearringsnecklacecorsagepicturesdancefriendsfoodvenueboyfriendglamour—

and then it’s all over. Those months of waiting, all wrapped up into a blur of events. It’s just amazing to me. It’s a wonderland of the social events sort, and such a great seller. There’s the new Disney movie, television shows, magazines, radio advertisements; the media feeds off of the excitement of prom. And it’s so amazing on the hundreds {even thousands} of dollars people spend on a simple night! It’s so easy to get caught up in the excitement of it all, but at times it’s best to remain sensible.

I hope you will await my post in the near future. Don’t fret; I plan to tell you all about prom night {disregarding the personal events, mind you,} and I have set out some guidelines for what I plan to write already! And for those of you who maybe just can’t wait; of course my dress is my favorite color. It’s lavender. πŸ™‚

Happy Earth Day!

I’d just like to take the time to insert this little post in, among all of the poetry posts I have written. As we’ve reached the mid-point of the poetry celebration, I’m wondering what you are thinking while reading these posts. What impression am I leaving on you? If you’d be ever so kind, I’d love to get some simple feedback from you!

And, on another subject, happy ecological awareness day! Earth Day is such a marvelous day to bring attention to the importance of our planet. Take the time to show your appreciation for the lovely opportunities we have been granted. πŸ™‚

Sharing Your Time…Can Mean More Than Words

There are some points in my life where I just realize how lucky I am.

I am lucky enough to have a supportive family, friends, and education; not to mention even the normal necessities of a house, clothing, food and drink, little extras… My life is undoubtedly comfy. Sure, there are times when things can get a little rough, and there are not so many opportunities to be able to travel outside of my small town, but I am well aware that I stand on good ground.

Yesterday, I was given the opportunity to work at the local Ronald McDonald house. It was so much fun to be able to banter around in the kitchen, making garlic bread and fixing up a salad and laughing along with the other volunteers from my school. It felt like… well. It was one of those moments where although you know you’re making food for other people, it feels like you were meant to be there, almost as if it were also your very own home.

But then, as we set out the food we prepared so that the families could help themselves whenever they wished to eat, that was when the idea of my own good fortune settled in. Seeing everyone smiling and doing this for the families who needed our assistance made me realize just how lucky all of us are with the lives we have. Sure, I don’t know much about everyone else- I can only make a recollection based on the minimal facts the other people show to the outside world- but I believe everyone else to be grateful for the lives we are granted with.

Taking tours of the house, and seeing just how beautiful all of the donated, refurbished rooms are…and learning the stories about numerous families that have endured their childrens’ hospital comings and goings and experiences within the house… It makes you appreciate what people can do when they have the time to appreciate what they have themselves, and determine what they can do for others. For now, the best I can do is volunteer my time to make food to feed the families, but I am happy that I am able to give back to those who are so grateful for what they are given.