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Writing challenge: Write a work consisting of only prepositional phrases.

At a glance

By my watch

For your part,

In a sense,

Of the opinion

Within limits

Without exception

Under the misapprehension

With regard to

Behind the scenes,

Out of context,

Out of season,

Through no fault of

Out of one’s mind

To this day.


Cosmic Gleam

She wanders through translucent dreams,
A cosmic gleam laden with silver moonbeams.

It is upon the darkest of nights that
Lucia ties on the glistening lilac mask,
hiding the memorable features of her visage,
basking in the freedom of slipping on
a pale yellow gown;
treads softly down the stone corridor
and embraces the sweet kiss of the nighttime air,
relishing the dew that slips through her silk slippers.
She wanders through translucent dreams.

A dance with the royal that stole away from his confines,
wading in the cool stream,
pirouetting through amethyst meadows,
sipping fresh rain droplets and consuming light;
light that is given through the bliss
of independence, for,
at night,
she is just stardust, not heavy substance.
A cosmic gleam laden with silver moonbeams.

This is a form of autonomous poetry. The writer selects two phrases that will be important for their piece. Then they base the rest of their ideas off of those two phrases, utilizing them within their poem. I really enjoyed working with this type of poetry, because the story ended up building off of its ownself.

Vintage Book Shopping

I am currently attempting to experiment with many different forms of writing. I am hoping to utilize all sorts of media and writing styles to make my writing more prolific. I am planning on sharing pieces that I experiment with on my blog, and explaining a bit about them.

This first post is a poem based off of the picture below. I have always wanted to do a piece of writing inspired by a photograph, but I’ve never experimented with that concept before this. Here is the result.

breathe in the aroma
of a forgotten history,
silent senteniels
surveying life from their perches.

linen bound,
pages marbled,
text dull black,
paper soft whispers.

what lies hidden?
what goes unsaid?
what have these unseen tomes seen?

the covers beckon,
golden promises
glittering through the grime.
a treasure refound by eager eyes.

The Friday “Things”

I have hesitated from posting this past week on the terms of re-figuring my exact purpose for this blog. I’ve always toyed with the idea of having a day or even a week set out with a schedule of pre-planned themes. Gratefully, with less homework toward the close of the school year and the free time to plan it out, I have decided on a few constants I hope to maintain.

Every Friday {I hope; everything must be tentative with my hectic life; then again, I’ve just recently discovered the wonderful “pre-write a post for a later date” publishing option,} I plan on writing a “Things Every ______ Ought to Know” list. This can have a variety of topics, and can be in a variety of tones, which I think can make this set series of posts very successful.

Every two weeks, I plan on writing a book review. I’m an avid reader, so I hope that writing book reviews will help me create a log of the styles of writing I admire, and show my blog followers (you) who I really am. Everyone knows that what you read can define you as a person. It’s interesting to see how people can be judged by their own book choices.

So, without further ado (since this blog post is obviously dragging on long enough as it is,) here is the premiere of the Friday “Things” List!

Things Every Reader Ought to Know

  • No matter what, you can’t change the book. The words have been printed and bound, and the characters’ fate have been finalized. The best you can do is accept the author’s decisions and either be happy or disappointed with the results.
  • As stated before, a lot of times people will judge you by what you read. Most likely you will only read books that interest you and appeal to your demeanor, but you always want to avoid an awkward moment with a book that could surprise people (if you know what I mean.)
  • Make it your mission to examine your reading history. Do you have (a) favorite author(s)? Do you have a favorite style of writing? Do you favor a specific tone for the narrator? You might be surprised with the patterns that you find.
  • Keep some sort of log for yourself. Whether it’s writing down titles and quotes of books that made you think or inspired you, or simply typing up book reviews as a record of what you’ve truly enjoyed or despised, it’s good to remember what you have read and learn what you still need to read about.
  • Make sure you have variety. You will get very bored with reading if you always read about the same topic. Mix it up! Try different types of prose; some poetry, an audiobook, a novel, short stories, blog posts. Read about something you don’t really understand, and see if you can learn something. Challenge yourself to read a genre you think you hate. (Perhaps it would be best to have someone recommend you a book they liked of that genre!) To have a healthy reading diet, you must maintain a balance of all literary pieces.