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Vintage Book Shopping

I am currently attempting to experiment with many different forms of writing. I am hoping to utilize all sorts of media and writing styles to make my writing more prolific. I am planning on sharing pieces that I experiment with on my blog, and explaining a bit about them.

This first post is a poem based off of the picture below. I have always wanted to do a piece of writing inspired by a photograph, but I’ve never experimented with that concept before this. Here is the result.

breathe in the aroma
of a forgotten history,
silent senteniels
surveying life from their perches.

linen bound,
pages marbled,
text dull black,
paper soft whispers.

what lies hidden?
what goes unsaid?
what have these unseen tomes seen?

the covers beckon,
golden promises
glittering through the grime.
a treasure refound by eager eyes.