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November {Minus the Brrrrrrr}

Senior year has certainly had its ups and downs.

Over the past couple of months, I have delighted in many of my last high school events. Some of the most notable were finishing my senior year varsity tennis career, being awarded courtship as a princess for Homecoming, and numerous assignments. The best part about senior year as of this date is the decreased amount of homework; junior and senior year are by no means comparable in workload. This has definitely helped with college applications, which I am currently wrapping up. I have decided to apply to Niagara University and Nazareth College.

As of right now, I should be completing two college essays and a ten-minute lesson plan for my GCC course in first year college experience, but I am obviously still a victim of the procrastination bug. The assignment is focused on developing knowledge within our career choice, which for me happens to be English as a second language teaching. However, I have been distracted by the lovely weather we have been having in New York! The temperatures are very far above average, which has made me extremely happy.

Now, let’s not skip over the main point of this blog post. November is National Novel Writing Month, an event that I have participated in for the past three years as of this date. This year, I am focusing on a manuscript involving my own interpretation of Alice in Wonderland, adding a story that occurs many years after Alice’s first adventures in Wonderland. My word count is currently at 15, 700, but needs to reach at least 50, 000 by the end of the month. I find NaNoWriMo to be such an encouraging, refreshing event to take part in. It’s so nice to have a drive to write, a way of helping writers make the time to get their creative juices flowing. It’s only day nine of NaNoWriMo; I highly suggest that if you did not know about NaNoWriMo or were contemplating joining in on the fun, you should give NaNoWriMo a try! It’s entirely worth all of the effort.

As I begin to adjust to my new schedule, I will post more frequent blog posts yet again. 😀


Things About the End of the School Year

This is always a time of the year that brings up mixed feelings. I’m always crossed between being excited and sad. It’s a relief to end all of the stress of the school year, but it’s sad to think about how I only have one year left in the school district. I’ve learned so much on so many levels through my progression in education, and I never feel like I can show my full appreciation. However, I’d love to compile a list of things that people have the option to do with the end of the school year.

  • Tell the teachers who taught you the most how much you really learned for them. Just a few small words of appreciation mean the most to teachers, because they never know how students truly feel about the course without accreditation.
  • Plan something special with your friends for the last day of school. Whether it’s some crazy {yet rule-obeying, of course} prank or writing inside jokes on your arm, it adds to the fun of the bittersweet day. Personally, my friends and I create a theme to dress up to for the day; for example, last year we dressed up as our favorite music artists.
  • Take the time to scope out your favorite haunts. It’s good to take a second to reminisce all that has happened throughout the school year, because some memories are worth maintaining {of course, there’s always the select few that are not worth remembering.}
  • Make sure you save any school papers and projects that are important. This might be because you were really proud of the effort you put into something or the grade you received, or even because you know those papers will help you out in a course next year.
  • Finally, the treat. Make sure you do something to celebrate all of the challenges you overcame and the end of all of the responsibilities of the school year. Whether it’s participating in your favorite pastime or eating a big ice cream sundae, it’s important to recognize your growth as a person.

Marvelous Mondays.

Hello there!

As you can obviously tell, I’ve gotten a bit back into the old blogging ways of mine: go strong for a bit, then fade off, then come back for a solid week, and then completely fade off into blogging doldrums… but never fear!

I have emphasized quite often that I am in my Junior year of high school, and it must be common knowledge that this is the year that counts, as all of our lovely teachers consistently trill. This year is SATs, Regents, looking into colleges, and the first prom {well, that’s an entirely different feeling.} My school goes by blocked scheduling of 80-minute classes, which basically means we compress a full year of classes into two separate installments. I am currently taking Gym, Chemistry, APUSH, Chorus, and French as my main classes. {Somehow I managed to pull off a 90 on my Trigonometry exam, which was a whole different excitement!}

So now, Mondays. What would an ideal Monday be? In my world, it would be something like this:

  • Wake up at 8:30 and have an hour to get ready for school, whilst wearing a comfy sweater and skinny jeans and warm boots while also drinking a lovely hot chocolate and eating a croissant.
  • Have such classes as Creative Writing, Sociology, and, okay, maybe a bit of French.
  • Have a full hour lunch period avec mes amies.
  • Find a way to still have recess so we could have a major-epic snowball fight in the courtyard–as well as snow angels!
  • Go home and get into comfy sweats and read Harry Potter.
  • And read Harry Potter.
  • And work on my own novel.
  • And slip in some dinner.
  • And then shower.
  • And then a lovely bedtime of actual 9:30 happiness.

Note: There is no homework included! As well as tests, quizzes, or any other such nonsense, such as a 6:00 wake up time.

All right, I might sound a bit grumpy. But my eyes are drooping and it’s only 6:20 and I still have a Chemistry packet to fill with my scrawls and a Francais verb packet to complete.

Wow. These fragments and run-ons are terrible. As well as all of these instantaneous topic changes. Perhaps you will become a super-hero, and find some sense of this, and actually want to keep on reading my posts. Somehow, this seems to be one of my longer posts, and it’s absolute, utter nonsense! Oh, bother. I suppose I should just quit and go onto this homework assignment that is heaped at my feet. I believe I also still have to trudge downstairs and practice a bit of piano. 🙂

I bid thee a happy Monday night! Only four days until the weekend… not to mention that there is talk of a storm on Wednesday by my uncharted location.

Type to you on the flipside!

{Wow, that was extremely, awfully dorky. I’m sorry that you have the guts to put up with me. Kudos to you. If you’ve read this far, you really are my… you are not able to be described with words. You’re just that awesome.}